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I’ve been thinking it might be interesting to share some works from pioneer photographers, as well as from photographers whose works influence mine. It’s not the style I shoot, but “street-photography,” (although some abhor that particular epithet), and photojournalism are the styles I love to look at most.

The natural jumping-off point, at least with street-photography, is Cartier-Bresson, of course. But I actually like Doisneau better, and since he was influenced by Cartier-Bresson, I think he’s a wonderful place to start.

The Fallen Horse
Paris, 1942

Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) is most well known for the nearly iconic image, Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville:

Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville

According to Wikipedia, “The identity of the couple was a mystery until 1993, when Denise and Jean-Louis Lavergne took Doisneau to court for taking the picture without their knowledge. This action forced Doisneau to prove that he actually posed the shot in 1950 using actor/models Françoise Bornet and her then-boyfriend Jacques Carteaud.“[1]
Probably my favorite is this recognizeable shot of Doisneau’s, a portrait of Pablo Picasso:

Many other people favor Sidelong Glance:

Le Regard Oblique

Taken in 1948, the shot is definitely premeditated; supposedly Doisneau placed the painting of the woman in the display and waited for reactions from pedestrians.

Here’s a very good selection of his works:


Good links:

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    great post! i love robert doisneau & hcb! :)

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