April Etsy Update

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Quick Etsy Update:

I had created this collection to showcase some works from the Photographers of Etsy Street Team.

Julie, your blog’s BG matches my main table’s color. :)

This group was all about using shape and form in photography. Also Sweet.

  • Finally, I received my first bunch of die-cut ACEOs a couple weeks ago. They are printed on Kodak’s excellent Metallic Endura paper, which I am just in love with for it’s depth and sheen.

Ignore the poorly-metered lighting.
I know you Etsians reading this are fans of ACEOs, but I haven’t decided quite how to present these yet. I’ve given a couple sets away as gifts, and have just been signing the backs with their limited edition numbers.

I think though, that before I package them for Etsy they need to be fortified in some way, so they aren’t so prone to bending. Perhaps I could use the sleeves they sell to protect baseball cards? I thought about mounting them on cute paper or cardstock, but the die-cut edges pose a problem. So, hmmmmmm, I’m not really sure. I do know I’m excited about them, though.

So, that’s all for now.

Going to go work on getting a couple more prints listed- it’s been a while!

I snagged a treasury last night, and tried to come up with a color palette I hadn’t observed before. And thus “Cranberry Clementine” is born. (I’m not sure what’s up with my need to alliterate.)

If you are so inclined, please visit C.C. by clicking here or on the photo- I really want to get one to the FP!

3 Responses to April Etsy Update

  1. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    Love the ACEOs! I still haven’t dipped my toe in yet so I can’t offer any ideas on packaging. Thank you so much for posting about my blog! Your work is wonderful!

  2. Celtic Cat says:

    Your blog rocks!

  3. Josh Jones says:

    congrats! You have some excellent work!

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