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A small development in the realm of C. Wade Photography:

I’ve been in desperate need of an online portfolio/ website for at least two years now. While my internet presence is probably okay, every photographer needs a centralized, streamlined place to display his or her work.

In an ideal world, I’d have a website to which clients could be referred; however, I’m not the type to have one built for me, so until I can find the time, I’ll stick with another, temporary solution.

Enter Cargo Collective:

I found Cargo through my good internet-photo-buddy, Matt Allen (whose works on Cargo you should definitely check out!)

I was immediately drawn to the site’s clean design & good typography. I hope that the site I design for the future home of C. Wade Photography will look as good. Cargo Collective, which was spawned by the SpaceCollective (it’s neat- worth a look) community, is currently in Beta; beta accounts are free for one year, providing your application is selected.

So, for now, my portfolio-grade work can be found at
And, although it’s still in beta, I’m already amidst some incredible photographers/ graphic designers/ artists. (Small fish/ big pond.) To check out some portfolios which Cargo considers noteworthy, go here.

Finally, here are screenshots from each of my current project pages:

Nightscaping” -

Ruralscape/ Cityscape” -

Upon further rumination, I’m fairly sure that “Ruralscape/ Cityscape” will be broken up into two separate projects. I have several other projects to add, as well as additional photographs to upload into each of the current sections.

The most difficult part of creating these projects is, by far, coaxing my internal editor out of his very dark and remote lair. Which photos are good enough? Really, where can you draw the line when it’s all subjective, anyway? Is the set cohesive? Does this image represent my PoV as a photographer, or is it merely a halfway-decent shot?

To be honest, there are photos included right now which I am on the fence about.

For instance, these aren’t up, but I really have no idea if I want them to be:

One the one hand, there is an indefinable quality about them which I like; on the other, the star-filter is a little wonky. I suppose the fact that I’ve got reservations is a sign they aren’t good enough, eh? (I’m glad you braved the daylight, editor.)

If you’ve got the time, I welcome any and all criticism/ ideas/ nay-say.

4 Responses to Cargo Collective

  1. Matt Allen Photography says:

    I think we’re in the same boat Cait. I never know which photos I want to put up, and right now I’m struggling to figure out how to organize the portfolio.

    I think it all gets back to the fact that up until now I’ve been shooting at random. I need to start working on ‘projects’.

    i’m planning on my cargo site evolving a lot over time…

    love yours so far though – there’s a bunch in there I haven’t seen yet. And thanks for the mention in your post :)

  2. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    Wow, you two are dead on! I really have to organize and get my portfolio together online! I love the shots you have chosen Cait. Of the last two the b/w is superior in compostion. And I like the “star”.

  3. Victoria Bennett Beyer says:

    I’m in the middle of organizing a new collection, too, and it is very hard to edit them down to the very best.

    I think you found a good solution for your portfolio – the site is very clean and I love viewing photos against black. My only issue would be that for some of your verticals, I have to scroll down to see the entire image. Maybe you can resize them (if your site allows you to)? I think it’s important to not make people work for it when they are browsing on the Web. It’s so easy to lose them…

  4. joannaphotography says:

    Your online portfolio looks great, Cait! So true about creating online showcase, something for your photography only. And cargo has really nice design- so clean and easy to view, pleasant for the viewing experience!

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