Shots from the Hip

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Saturday, we went down to Arlington Heights to wander through the arts fair. It was what you’d expect of an outdoor art fair in the suburbs: very mediocre, predictable floral paintings interspersed with very few instances of actual talent.

Here’s Traveling Painter‘s uberexcited Spitz-Border Collie dog, Kaya, enjoying the ride over:

And the nomadic artist, herself:

I decided I’d attempt the whole “street” photography thing, having never really done it before. I think this was the perfect place to start, as the crowd was so dense, it was easy to catch people unawares. All the following shots were taken ‘from-the-hip’, as it were, with the exception of one I will note*. Also, I really wanted a wide angle for this job, so I borrowed a 18-55mm and pretty much just shot at 18mm all day.

My favorite from the day:

click to embiggen

This guy was one of like 2 black people there:

*le sigh* whitebread town

All the little kids were curious about Kaya:

stopping to discuss

Interest Or Envy

Open Curiosity

Disgruntled guy:

And the star of our show? An extremely disheveled art-monger wearing a white linen suit with purple hair and a coke nail:

*used the viewfinder on this one

I wouldn’t have gotten these remaining shots without the expert assistance of Traveling Painter, who bravely acted as a decoy, engaging this crazy in a conversation which degenerated into exuberant ramblings about Mexicans, swimming to the US from Bulgaria, and how abstract painting is the highest form of art….or something.

adamant about abstract art..

During this convoluted lecture-rant, an audience formed outside his tent, and I was able to get a couple more shots:

click to embiggen

To say the least, this guy was a character. Part sleazy carnie, part vaudeville performer.

I’m thinking of making a triptych out of three of these images.

All in all, shooting from the hip to get candid shots of strangers was a fun, sly task. I liked the surprise of not knowing how the images looked until I reviewed them later. I can’t wait to do more.


7 Responses to Shots from the Hip

  1. HanamiGallery says:

    cool! it looks like it was a fun day! i like the picture where you can see all the tents and the buildings all lined up and then people kinda going everywhere. i also like the one with the man in the white suit. reminds me of like of like those peddlers who would try to sell tonic that would make you grow 5 feet. hahaha

  2. shescrafty says:

    love love love your pictures!!

    and miss your face :)


  3. Brian says:

    I’d have guessed you were an old pro at this candid/street thing. Good stuff. I love the wide angle.

  4. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    Great photojournalism! You really captured the crowd and your photos of the kids are precious!

  5. CIOPhoto says:

    My few attempts at street photography were not nearly as good as these. Great results for a first timer, it looks like you're a veteran street photo maker now. My favorite is "Disgruntled Guy".

  6. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    BTW, you have been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award!"

  7. Nikki 'Trexel' Moore says:

    Love the 'shoot from the hip' idea. I'm usually bored by typical street photography (not seeing street photos, but the actual act of doing it), but I think the idea of not seeing the photos until later would make it more interesting.

    Great experiment! (Thanks for your comments on my blogs, too!)

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