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Yesterday, I wandered down the street and photographed Mt. Prospect’s Independence Day parade.

Rampant patriotism’s inherent creep factor aside, it was enjoyable to shoot people candidly again. Easy too, when you realize a parade is just a bunch of people looking at other people looking back at them. Kind of moronic, really. However, there were some mildly amusing moments.

Like this:

Yes, there was a Book Cart Drill Team. They weren’t very good, but they’re literate- what do you expect?

Was that pc? I don’t even know.

Also I got rained on a lot- not all that enjoyable.

What is a parade without music?

Your photographer may or may not be reflected somewhere in the tuba

Here are a pair of images for you:

I like to imagine this boy…

grows into this man.

Some people enjoyed riding on the “floats:”

That’s Lincoln in the background ???

I lost count of the number of local church-sponsored caravans that received cheers, but when the single atheist bus came by, there was silence and furrowed stares. “Funny” in a profoundly depressing way. I have a picture of the bus, but it is terrible, because the [godless heathens] people were, wisely, taking refuge inside.

Instead, I refer you to Godless in Chicago, the blog that sponsored the interloper bus. Please visit as there is an entry on the bus’ chilly reception yesterday. (And also you may view the bus!)

/ Aside


Not all savored being made into a spectacle:

These children are unamused token ambassadors of MtP’s patriotism.

Really, I think some were just in it for the candy:

A theory: perhaps America’s youth is being systematically indoctrinated into the US’ hyperfanatical, patriotic culture via the positive association. Parade = waving flags = receiving candy? This could be pervasive classical conditioning perpetuated by the unconscious hivemind, no?

Just a theory.

Check out that guy’s dissatisfaction with his otter pop.

Kids seemed to enjoy the power they wielded over onlookers. Like giving foodstamps out to the serfs. Cute. Too bad they’ll grow up to be self-entitled gremlins. (This is MtP after all.)

Some adults were also a little scarily fervent in their candy bequeathing.

I enjoy these meta images, as you know.

Not sure if this woman was gesturing at me or someone else; either way, I like her:

And now, here’s my favorite parade person, bar none:

He wasn’t even part of the the parade, I don’t think. Just heckling the actual band members, waving his trumpet. A cool cat, truly.

This post has turned out to be more than just pictures. I apologize.

2 Responses to Some Parade Photography

  1. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    Love the three horn players in b/w. Great capture!

  2. Victoria Bennett Beyer says:

    A Book Cart Drill Team? That's not something I've ever even heard of before. Looks like it was amusing.

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