NC [pt. 3] : Macon Co. History Museum

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Get ready for some high-ISO, indoor, reflection-plagued (forgot to carry my polarizer) images- all were taken at the Macon County Historical Museum located in downtown Franklin, North Carolina:

These late Colonial-era(?) outfits were in the Museum’s display window- I love the brass buttons!

I admit- I’ve been slacking on these North Carolina posts. My vacation was in July, after all. But hey, I shot well over 2,000 photos (I think), and that just amounts to a seemingly-insurmountable Mt. Everest of sorting, discarding, tagging, post-processing, resizing- you name it.

Probably from that 2K, I discarded 55-60%, and chose maybe 1-2% to add to my portfolio. The rest just end up here onM45, on Flickr, or in a semi-permanent state of triage. Triage…is painful, if you love making photographs as much as I do.

some sort of men’s outerwear

Now, I regret to inform that I neglected to take notes when we visited, so I can’t tell you much at all about the individual artifacts, unfortunately. (And I’m the opposite of a history-buff- a turn of phrase I loathe, by the way.)

a loom!

I’m struggling to remember what machinery these gears belonged to- maybe a giant early sewing machine? I have no idea!

Sidesaddle: from a time when it was indecent for women to ride normally, haha. I cannot even imagine cantering sidesaddle, can you?

Now for some warfare relics:

Grenade! This image goes out to my one and only sibling. He will know why.

Arthur Huscusson was a master gunsmith in Franklin, apparently. I think early color photographs like this are immensely interesting!

A .32 Smith & Wesson double-action revolver

I think this is an ivory tobacco pipe?

Women- !

featuring some Antebellum footwear!

typewriter, obviously…

On to medical “care” :



suppository-delivery devices. Ugh. Just the selection is…kind of astounding.

scary surgical tools! Quite Medieval-looking, no?

Music! -

awesome-looking old organ with pull-stops. I have no idea what it is, but my neighbors most certainly would. (They are organ players & connoisseurs!)

shaped-note songbook & harp- interesting!

Photography! -

a photo of Judd Morgan; I could find nothing about him online. If any photo gear-head knows what that camera is, please let me know! Once, again I am regretting not taking notes.

An old photo enlarger juxtaposed with a Linksys router that furnished the Museum’s wi-fi: hilarious!

Finally, here’s an interesting YouTube tour of the museum, should you really be interested:

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