NC [pt. 4] : The Forest

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We’re going on a hike; get ready for a very green post:

some blue to recharge your retinas:

all good? More green!

The majority of these images were taken in Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, which itself is part of Natahala National Forest, located near Robbinsville in western North Carolina.Exceptions are the two creek photos above, taken near my aunt’s cabin in

Otto/Franklin, NC, & the blue mountainous shot, taken at dusk in Murphy- haha, the Murphy site is hilarious - at a cabin my family rented for vacation.

Yea…it makes me miss Summer, too.

T-minus ~40 days until the first snow here in Chicago.

(We’re all taking bets on it.)

4 Responses to NC [pt. 4] : The Forest

  1. Victoria Bennett Beyer says:

    Gorgeous…you really can't have too much green, in my opinion. Seeing these images is like taking a deep breath.

  2. Fog and Thistle says:

    So lush and beautiful. Looks very peaceful too. Give me so of that green quiet, I could use a taste of it!

  3. CIOPhoto says:

    Great pictures, you can almost smell the mountain air.

  4. Kaleidoscope Alchemist says:

    That sure is a lot of green! The blue shot in Murphy was brilliant, I do love a good misty scene.

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