April Wallpaper!

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Your April wallpaper has arrived-

This photo is called “Chute,” and I believe it was taken when I traveled to Wisconsin, but I could be wrong.

I was really tempted to depart from the landscape/nature-themed wallpaper, which I know people like to have on their desktops. Then I realized, for most people, April signifies a welcome change in climate, so I needed something to reflect that. (April showers, and all that.)


3 Responses to April Wallpaper!

  1. piccolinadesigns says:

    Yay, thanks!

    Absolutely stunning in the print (at the frame shop now), I am going to love it as a desktop on my home computer! :)

  2. CIOPhoto says:

    Great contrast to last month's wallpaper. It's going to look great on my PC at work. Thank you.

  3. Victoria Bennett Beyer says:

    Love it! How sweet you are to keep sharing these with us.

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