Project 365: Week 10

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Osker the standard chinchilla! (Now both boys are a part of my Project 365.)

A quick snap in a Walgreen’s parking lot…

please click to embiggen- so much better at a larger resolution!

I spent my birthday shooting landscape and infrared photos at Chicago Athenaeum’s International Sculpture Park in Schaumburg. It was a really gorgeous day!

That particular sculpture (the infrared shot on the left) is “Vineland” by Jarle Rosseland, Oslo, Norway (1999). The giant stones are supposed to form the outline of a Viking ship, but it just looks like a little Stonehenge to me…which is cool!

My least favorite photo of the week: a desperate last-minute shot of the felt owl I’m in the middle of sewing.
Yes, his eyes are crooked.

Out of ideas on Friday, I experimented with racking a zoom lens while photographing the aquarium.

My car got a nice meal…

mmmmm, roe
…and so did I.

It was a good week for photography.

Those were days 64 – 70.

3 Responses to Project 365: Week 10

  1. gretchenmist says:

    beautiful work! feel like a cuddle with that little animal and some sushi now!
    happy birthday {not sure when it was, so belated}.

  2. Julie Magers Soulen says:

    It's great to see another photographer at play! I love the lens shot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says:

    Great pictures!! Congratulations!!


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