Project 365: Week 19

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Not a staged shot, I promise; all the frozen veggies were hanging out in the freezer door.

These photos are days 127 through 133, minus day 131 (Friday, July 9th), as all photos from that day have seemingly vanished into the ether!

I’m really perturbed by this; I know I took photos that day. It’s just that they are nowhere; neither SD card has them, and Lightroom can’t find any EXIF for the 9th. Argh! I’d be less upset if I knew I screwed up, and just forgot- but I didn’t.

The only possibility I can come up with is that, while reviewing images on camera, I unknowingly deleted all ‘bad’ ones from the 9th, not paying attention to the dates they were taken. You live and learn, I guess.

So now, I suppose I’m left with a Project 364.


My old high school class ring; just practicing some product-ish photography.

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Baby bok choy and mushrooms are some of my favorite things to stir-fry together. A little butter and rice wine vinegar is all they need.

Swanky new digs for the chinchillas! Right now, only the bottom half is complete; the top will be staying ‘neutral territory’ for introduction purposes.

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The Chicago Yacht Club’s ship docked in the marina.

Sheriff’s in town!

Lovely Emerson Street Creative forgot to remove her badge (from board game “Bang“) before traveling to the store!

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