Project 365: Week 20

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A Trader Joe’s wine- 2008 La Granja 360 Tempranillo .

I really like this wine, and it’s only $3.99! We call it “Pig Balloon” because that’s what’s on the label: “Hey, can you go pick up some Pig Balloon?”

Macro shot of some wood branches. Now I know what chinchillas see in this: texture, Mmmm!

I made a GIF- does that count? I call it “The Breathing Kitchen.” That’s right.

sorry, snuck in another rodent glamor shot…

I recently switched their bath dust from a low-quality, pet store version to the (cheaper), much better dust which chinchilla breeders use: Blue Cloud. Since the switch, their fur has started to look and feel amazing!

channeling Eggleston… (click to embiggen)
Those were days 134 – 140/ 365. According to Project 365, I’ve completed 39% of a year.

3 Responses to Project 365: Week 20

  1. jeff campbell says:

    Cait…love the chairs and the curtain is intriguing…Peace and blessings

  2. Kyoudai says:

    Is that a chinchilla? This 365 project sounds like a fun idea. I'll give it a go when I get my hands on my own camera :D

  3. Cait Wade says:


    @Kyoudai – Yes, it is in fact a chinchilla! (I've got two of them.) Project 365 is fun, but it's really challenging to stay committed…

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