Sepia Sunday

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I’m really excited for Sepia Sunday this week because M45 received some killer entries- I love it!

Without further ado-
  • First, two awesome photos with a vintage feel from new reader Charlotte:
Eye of London

  • Lastly, one interesting architectural photo from Jeff’s wife, Kathy Campbell:

Thanks for playing, everyone! As always, it’s a privilege to receive such a variety of images from other talented photographers!

This week, I had a terrible time choosing the winner. Each photo contains elements which, I think, are enhanced by the sepia toning. It’s hard for one person to say whether an image is subjectively more pleasing or interesting than the next, so I’d just like to remind readers that my decision is just that: subjective. Really, I love all of the entries, and it was a tough choice!


In the end I had to choose “Eye of London” by Charlotte:

I like the composition; the odd shape of the pavement in the foreground transitions into a straight section which dwindles into a distant path, helping to frame the subject and lead the viewer’s eye into the photo. I like the drama the wide-angle lens lends to the ferris wheel and scene in general. It’s also interesting that you can make out silhouetted figures of people standing in the midground.
Don’t forget to check out Charlotte’s winning photo in the sidebar!

As always, M45 is already accepting photo entries for next week’s Sepia Sunday. You can find the Entry Details at the top of the page.

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