Sepia Sunday

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M45 received three sepia architectural entries this week- and here they are:

  • One from CIOPhoto‘s very prolific David Sullivan:

Williamsburg Windmill
  • And Two from new blog reader, Lucian, who has his own photoblog over at Pixels Tortured. Makes me wish my Romanian were better.

Peles Castle, Romania

Peles Castle, Romania
The differences in sepia tones utilized by these two photographers are very interesting, and each works well to portray the distinct atmosphere of the subject photographed- the structures.
This week, congratulations goes to Lucian for this image:
The weathered, distressed look added to the photo makes it feel like an old postcard, and I love the composition of the shot. Seeing the towers head-on makes the castle appear imposing- which it certainly is. Also, the photo has great tonal range: large contrasts between the highs and lows. It works well in sepia!

Don’t forget to check out Lucian’s winning photo in the sidebar, and visit his photoblog!

As always, M45 is already accepting photo entries for next week’s Sepia Sunday. You can find the Entry Details at the top of the page.

2 Responses to Sepia Sunday

  1. Lucian says:


    I'am very very proud to participate and win this contest on your blog and thank you very much for your feed-back. I love your blog, there are lots of great pictures.

    The castle of my photos is called Peles and is located in Sinaia, Romania. He belongs to the Romanian royal family and is a jewel of the Romanian Carpathians. If you visit Romania put it on the list of objectives to visit, is awesome.


    PS I invited all my blog visitors to participate in your contest.

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer says:

    Pixel torture is a very interesting name for a blog! His entry does look rather distressed, so I think that it's a very fitting name :D


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