Project 365: Week 34

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365 is creatively draining, or at least it has been these recent few weeks. It’s worrisome finding myself struggling to come up with good ideas on a daily basis. It’s not shooting for shooting’s sake- and therein, I think, lies the rub. At least for me. I’m going to be relieved in 109 days, when it’s over.

In the meantime, double exposures like the above are helping to keep it fun.

An aerial of Osker! He’s gained almost 100 grams (that’s a lot in chinchilla-mass) since I switched their pellets. He’s beefy now. My neighbor even came over recently and was startled and said they were huge, a strange thing for anyone else but me to notice, believe me.

My “new” phone! It’s a hand-me-down, but still exciting, since I haven’t had a new phone in 5+ years, I think. Hey, I’ve got QWERTY now.

My Dad won some mule-style boat shoes for me, and they are awesome. Been wearing them around a lot.

The Hop Grasser. Unfortunately, someone broke it. Won’t name names, and it has since been glued back together. I think it was originally a garage-sale find, and I’ve looked on eBay- there are no replacements!

Pineapple Detail- click for big

Not sure why almost everything required an explanation in Week 34.

Project 365 says that my year is 65% complete, but I am behind on post-processing so I’ve shot a little more than that, percentage-wise.

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