Photographers: January – February

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It’s again time for another bi-monthly installment of M45‘s “Photographers” series. This will mark the first of six installments for 2011!

As always, “Photographers” hopes to present interesting/compelling/ stare-worthy photography from a variety of genres and photographers from around the globe. Mostly, I’m including recent photo stories which have caused me to look twice, or even provided inspiration for my own work.

Are you ready?

Following are four photographers whose works I think you’ll enjoy:




a photography blog



und you vill like it
  • Juande Jimenez and his intricate, yet somehow orderly, natural landscapes:

  • Martin Usborne‘s compelling series called “Mute,” documenting canines left to wait for their owners inside vehicles:


  • Andrew Bruce has produced a revealing and emotional project, entitled “Tender,” which I think has to do with roadkill, but I’m not sure as there is no accompanying text:


I really hope you have enjoyed looking at these photographs!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    man that was a good one..really

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