Super Moon Night Photography

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So it seems like every time there is any sort of fascinating lunar event, Illinois decides to spite photographers and sky gazers.

The lunar eclipse that coincided with the solstice on December 20th, 2010 was unremarkable, as the sky was completely obscured by snow clouds. At least in my neck of the woods.
Last Saturday night, I was psyched to shoot the so-called Super Moon. Unfortunately, the moon was again hidden by nearly-complete cloud cover.
I did take a couple of long exposures, but wasn’t able to get a clear moon shot since an obscured moon isn’t nearly as bright as a normal full moon, and my camera doesn’t handle higher ISOs well at all. You see, you actually need a relatively fast shutter speed [for night photography] because the moon moves along at a good clip.
At any rate, here is what I came back with:
70mm, 8 sec @ f/8.0, ISO 200; click to embiggen on Flickr
Nothing spectacular, but the night was an adventure (we met some interesting folks up there).
These were all taken from the the [supposedly] highest geographical point in Cook County, IL, which is Willow Hill golf course in Northbrook. It’s built on a landfill, and I read somewhere that it sits at a little more that 700 ft above sea level, which seems insignificant, but it quite an elevation for this region, I suppose.
The views were absolutely beautiful, and you can clearly see the entire Chicago skyline.
How was the Super Moon for you?

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