Hamilton the Dog

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M45, meet Hamilton- AKA, Ham. He’s my new foster dog, through the wonderful rescue that is the Almost Home Foundation.

I’ve had him home since last Wednesday afternoon, and so far, he’s been such a good boy. He’s between 6 and 7, completely house-trained, and has excellent house manners as well. He’ll ‘leave it,’ and also respects invisible boundaries I set.

Ham is listed as a Shepherd/ Pointer mix, but he could be anything really. I sort of see Australian Cattle Dog in him, but there’s no telling. He’s very prey-driven, so that could be a herder thing or a pointer thing. Because of this, he’s very reactive to squirrels on leash.
He’s also a bit of a dog-racist. He doesn’t seem to like small (toy) dogs or dark-colored dogs. I will have to explore this further. He gets along with my dog-niece just fine, though (but she is neither small nor dark).
He has a Rorschach head:
Ham and his Burger

Sleeps a lot, and is generally very calm with occasional bursts of energy:
Likes cuddles, once he gets to know you:
If you know anyone in Chicago or the Chicagoland area looking for a sweet, older dog, please let me know! He’d be great as an only-dog in a home with no cats, small pets, or children.

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  1. Victoria Bennett Beyer says:

    I love your new resident! He is darling!

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