Photographers: June – July

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Welcome back to M45′s the Photographers Series!  This will be the first, official content on the new domain (, and the final July, 2011 post.  I’ve got four stellar photographers’ work for you to peruse, so let’s get to it-


  • First, London Photographer Phil Sharp crafts some incredible portraits:

(Amazing, and the last guy resembles Tom Waits, so I had to include it.)




  • Next, Tim Simmons has created some modern, sparse, well-lit landscapes:



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  1. Great new photographers, Cait. Jonathan Levitt is one of my absolute favorites. I’m not sure what it is about his work, but I am so excited every time he updates his blog. I think I am mesmerized by how he makes ordinary moments seem really special. His work looks like real life, just beautifully captured.

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