Cinemagraphs: A First Attempt

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If photo-centric stuff is at all on your online radar, you’ve probably already encountered a new species of GIF animation dubbed the cinemagraph, a term coined by the new video-meets-photo art form’s creators, fashion photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

Below is my first humble attempt, starring the one and only Hambone (and his eggplant).

These are not made from multiple still exposures, but from short video clips.

Using Photoshop or another video editor, you can mask out the places in your video frames where you’d like the subtle movement to occur.  The hard part is achieving a seamless loop in which the viewer is unable to distinguish beginning or end.  If successful, the cinemagraph should have a natural smooth flow, which is markedly different from typical GIF animations made from multiple still shots. (Contrast this post’s content with the Beck Lake Woods GIF.)

Since I now have a D90 capable of HD video, I’m certainly going to be experimenting with more cinemagraphs.  I have ideas.

For amazing inspiration, check out Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg’s NYC collection of cinemagraphs.

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