Food Photography: Low-Carb Meals

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     a low-carb brunch; probably ~ 10g net carbs, total, mostly from the berries.

I’m not much of a food photographer, but once in a while it’s fun to experiment, right?

I’ve decided (after doing a crazy amount of reading), that sugar is pretty bad for the body, and have since begun eating Thanks in part to Emerson Street Creative a very low-carbohydrate diet.  It takes a lot of effort- sugar/carbs are in everything!

At any rate, documenting the process comes naturally, (although, clearly, food-styling does not.)

Bacon-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese:

Do you sometimes photograph the food you eat?






Additional food photos:

Created with flickr slideshow.

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  1. Nive says:

    I see big emprovement in the ptceuris.Advise: for each composition, try to make different ptceuris at different heights.Exemple: the ice-cream picture could be taken a little bit lower so the gap between the ice-cream and the eggs would be smaller.In your slide show: picture 2 and 3 are at the perfect height.Your compositions are very good, try more different material and light for the background.

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