Project 52: Week 7

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Last week, my night photo was planned in advanced- nice for a change. Luminous Field, a temporary installation in Millennium Park, used projectors to light a grid in AT&T Plaza.  The light interacted with Cloud Gate, reflecting on the sides, as well as underneath, in the “omphalos”(Greek for “navel”).

Many say that photography is ‘f8 and be there,’ meaning that great photographs occur at intersections of preparedness and good-timing.  My visit to the bean yesterday was ill-timed.  AT&T Plaza was packed; I should have come much later in the evening to achieve a clean shot with less…pedestrian interference.  There were about a million people there with tripods and gear, too.  Night photographers flock to shiny things, I think.


Here is my favorite shot of the night, though:

Onlookers spontaneously gather as a guy proposes to his girlfriend. The mother? friend? records it.  This was a shot I had not planned on taking, but I was physically there, and my camera was ready.

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