Recently, March-May

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I shot some really old violins for a friend-of-a-friend:

The lighting for these was very jerry-rigged, but they are passable I suppose.

Busse Meadow (Ned Brown Forest Preserve): weird intermediary warm period between Winter/Spring.

Some night time office park scenery.  (B-side from night 52 project.)


Spring, finally:


Birthday stuff happened:

It was delicious, and fairly hilarious:

Star lantern is pretty cool. Ikea?

Watching someone draw “s’more.”

More office park lens-distorted low-light fodder.

My favorite nail art of late…   (I have a weakness for nail polish)

…and my favorite color, right now.  (Rescue Beauty Lounge’s “Coral”   *dies*)

Mount Prospect library has some pretty neat architecture, in my opinion. (Another B-side)

Four-legged BFFs  (Dog-sat the Kaya one weekend.)

Maple samaras stuck upright in our patio table.

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