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When it was still Spring-time, lots of little bunnies were everywhere.

My family came to visit in July, and we did many amazing touristy things in the city.

under Navy Pier’s ferris wheel…

Sears Tower observation cube/deck thing.  I think it is called Sky Lounge.  Cliche shot, but I had to do it!

a view seen from the Sears Tower

The Deep Dark Woods played a set at Taste of Chicago this summer.  Love them.  So much.

A (much too) rapid-approach moon landing is attempted at Adler Planetarium.

Checking in on Elk Grove’s Elk herd.

A Ham burrito…

I am still eating keto because it feels amazing.  This is a typical breakfast/ lunch (minus the spinach, which didn’t look nice in the photo.)

I’ve got a back-load of Steam games to play, so I’ve been trying a few out:  mostly Plants VS. Zombies, but also a little Team Fortress 2, Trine, and a cool little indie game called Vessel.

We have a little tree this year! It is a baby Norfolk Island Pine, and is residing on the kitchen table for now.

I’m trying to get back into taking more photos documenting daily life, and just carrying the camera with me generally.  That’s fallen by the wayside with weddings and photographing dogs and just, well, life- you know?

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